Dublin, California


In the world of optics and medical technologies - few companies have the storied reputation and expertise with which Zeiss has become known. The excellence of the company and strength of purpose is apparent not only in the quality of product they create, but in the care and dedication with which they support the needs of their customers and clients.

As a response to Zeiss' corporate ethos, the concept and design for transforming the existing building into an elegant and intimately intertwined environment rich in energetic amenities and collaborative workspaces  - ties their optical pursuit and expertise with well honed moments and strong visual cues. 

ADT-14-021-3dmodel(n)_front lobby_10.jpg
Zeiss_webpresentation_rendering_crossroad w greenway.jpg

Mirrored light scoops, surrounded by custom acoustical clouds, encircle a newly created indoor / outdoor park space fronted with retractable doors and accoya wood stadium style seating. The natural elements and abundance of daylight remind of the visual goals the company embodies and has held deeply within its corporate mission. 

Zeiss_webpresentation_rendering_park seating.jpg