Palo Alto, California


As the old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Centered on bringing wealth and investment management to the populous, Weathfront took a prime piece of Palo Alto real estate to deliver their message and make their presence known. In order to create identity as well as screen, the design team crafted a wall comprised of.....pennies. Lots and lots of pennies. A reminder to those that worked as well as visit that the key to company and customer success is being mindful of each element of their customer's investment and helping to drive their portfolio forward.


Textured carpet tiles, splashes of color, and an active break area help bring the space together and integrate the company into a cohesive whole.


A custom developed  oil rubbed bronze entry ring embedded in concrete fronts the first steps into the space - with the most relevant of Latin sayings giving antique homage to a newly modern iterated action.