Mountain View, California


the design solution for this enigmatic space, on multiple levels, draws its inspiration from the business - the acquisition and redistribution of helicopter components.  the teaming area is the nucleus of the customer interface. the primacy of this area as the epicenter from which all other functions both radiate and focus is the concrete expression of the company's customer-centered business model.  the nature of the business itself provided a second unifying concept.

the gentle movements and celebration of light and shadow within the space all work to express a sense of delicate suspension, as if hovering in flight.


metal mesh fabric drapes the entry space, separating it from the open area like a veil, and acts as backdrop for the many clouds to cast shadows upon it's surface


privacy is maintained though  changes in elevation that create an independent zone in the heart of the office. the ceiling is lifted to its highest point and is opened to the sky by an axis of new skylights connecting all the ancillary spaces together


like the gaps in the clouds, both concept and and realization mandated pulling light into the interior. to craft and fold it into something special that builds upon the experience, creates both an environmentally sound principle and one that is necessary for the creation of space in its simplest form.


the layering of varied earthen materials bring both mystery and enclosure

so a softened geometry can guide the passage, and allow users to experience the concept of both business and space.


the dichotomous arcs form both a resource space with custom casework for the public teaming area, as well as the screen walls and ramps of the private work areas. the gentle movement between shallow ramps and elevations catch, filter, and celebrate the daylight that dance and dapples on the surfaces as the days and seasons progress.

clouds-night - Copy.jpg