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THE PORTAL i @ 822


A custom crafted accessory dwelling unit, comprising eight hundred and eighty square feet of modern, simple, elegant living

Designed with an intimate focus on the quality of the overall space created and experience of moving between various zones, the “Portal” plan allows the entire floor to be occupied simeultaneously and without barrier - yet allow each zone to be separated for privacy as needed. The strategic placement of warm materials, integrated lighting, reflective surfaces, and pocketed doors - maximizes the warmth and embracing qualities of an otherwise small footprint and creates an opportunity for living that brings surpise, smile, shadow, and view to the forefront of every waking day.

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Adjoining the stair tower to the two lower thirty foot containers and two upper twenty foot containers allows a free flow through the spaces and maximizes both function and flow. Charred accoya wood wraps the vertical element and blends the varying matte and glossy textures with the subdued finish of the container walls to create a dynamic mix of texture, pattern, and rythym.


An entry tokanoma collects shoes and displays mementos for simple arrangement of everyday living. Integrated and strategically placed lighting guides the way and accentuates the openings.


A charred accoya screen joins with various paint scheme options, canted window shrouds, and bronze touches to create a complimentary and simple accessory dwelling


Folding doors and a vertically integrated trellis screens compliment the planter merged guardrail and soften the deck boundary creating an extended second level of habitable space.

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Birch veneer plywood, integrated LED lighting, mirrored planes, and pocketed doors create a calm and simple space spanning multiple zones or cordoned off for privacy as desired

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Concealed pockets hold frosted glass doors, and the central sleeping enclosure doubles as a sofa with an 80" x 80" mattress suited for sleeping and lounging.  A recessed  screen allows for entertainment while also quietly able to be tucked away and out of sight.

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Brass touches compliment the calm palette of whitewashed wood, birch floors, and striking windows

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