A simple accessory dwelling unit, comprising eight hundred square feet of functional living


Two lower thirty foot containers and two upper twenty foot containers combine to maximize function and separation.


A strong pairing of upper and lower windows creates a sculptural presence to the side facade, making the rear yard space more dynamic and inviting.


A charred accoya screen joins with dark paint, canted window shrouds, and bronze touches to create a complimentary and simple accessory dwelling

Ghuman-Exterior_Scheme B_Photo - 16.jpg

Double doors and a vertically integrated trellis screen compliment the planter merged guardrail and soften the deck boundary creating an extended second level of habitable space.

Ghuman-Exterior_Scheme B_Photo - 13.jpg
Ghuman_InteriorB_Photo - 1.jpg
Ghuman_InteriorB_Photo - 3.jpg
Ghuman_InteriorB_Photo - 2.jpg
Ghuman_InteriorB_Photo - 4.jpg
Ghuman_InteriorB_Photo - 5.jpg
Ghuman_InteriorB_Photo - 7.jpg
Ghuman_InteriorB_Photo - 6.jpg