Rather than provide the typical coffee shop, sandwich place, or cafeteria-like environment, the presence of food needed to be distinct and integral to the communal experience of a shared meal. TECHGARDEN offers a unique opportunity by using an approach that springs off ideals behind crafted small restaurants, foodies, and the exploration of a growing palette culminated in the idea of a "Pop-Up Kitchen".  Through this approach, a location would be seasonally occupied by a chef or restaurant offering their own take on the exploration of food and drawing constant interest from tenants and piquing the curiosity of passers-by alike. In addition, a centrally located vegetable, fruit, and herb garden offers a "garden to table" approach not seen in the office park environment and a draw towards social interaction and excitement of environment.

Food trucks draw crowds for an hour. The TECHGARDEN "Pop-Up Kitchen [PUK]" has the ability to create it's own social following and lead to a bidding war for tenancy. Save me a seat.