...an opportunity to see space differently...

In its most elegant and wonderful state, architecture is able to mold and effect our lives in ways we wouldn't otherwise be able to experience. It can teach us about our environment, our community, and ourselves. It can cradle and embrace us in introspective ways - and fill us with joy and pleasure in outward excitement. Simply - and without extraneous cost, fashion, or indulgence - architecture is the fantastic molding of light, space, and experience for us - people - to be a part of and share together in pleasure. With that belief gripped tightly, MODULUS' design process begins by taking the time to thoroughly understand the desires, needs, and wishes of our clients and then proceed to accept them as our own. We place ourselves in the 'seat' of the client in order to more fully identify with those parameters that will effect the space that our clients will work, play, learn, dream, and live within. In the careful investigation of those goals, and in identifying the unique set of circumstances that make up the project budget, timeline, and environment, we are able to transform the needs and issues that effect the lives of all the users and strive to create a space for each to enjoy. - on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.


matthewSIMPSON, aia leed ap


With over 15 years of on-hand construction experience and just as many administering unique designs with an architectural edge, Matt brings a distinctive and critical skillset to MODULUS. His ability to transform exceptional designs and details into effective and efficient construction methods and materials is unmatched. In addition, his marker and watercolor drawings and sketches have fostered new opportunities and ideas on a multitude of projects - and help bridge the gap between ideas of the hand and mind to those of photorealistic computer renderings. Matt holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree, Cum Laude, from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and is both a licensed architect and LEED certified. He has tackled projects of every size imaginable - from single family custom residences to regional airport terminals, ambulatory surgery centers, and a variety of institutional health care projects - and has created unique spaces and memorable buildings along the entire way.


davidFENSTER, aia leed ap


David is the founder of MODULUS and Principal in charge of design and production within the office. He has over two decades of experience in the design and construction of a wide range of projects and project types since graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He has been a visiting juror at local architectural schools, taught design studio at West Valley College, and currently is working on a variety of projects ranging from residential to retail, and corporate to cabin. Not only has MODULUS garnered numerous architectural awards, but David has also won honors for his graphics, web design, object design, and written articles. He is both a California and Georgia Licensed Architect, LEED and NCARB certified, and honored recipient of the Pillars of the Community Award, AIASCV President's Award, and Golden Web Award.


gregSMITH, leed ap


Greg is an associate with MODULUS and shares in the responsibilities of design and production within the office. He has over a decade of experience within the architectural field and has worked on projects that span every possible building type. Prior to MODULUS, Greg worked with notable firms of Richard Meier Architect, Gwathmey Siegel and Arquitectonica. His involvement in projects like the addition to the Guggenheim Museum, Sony World Headquarters, and the Skirball Cultural Center make him an important member of MODULUS and an individual well versed in every aspect of the profession. His skills carry equal weights of quality and care from schematic designs to the most minute of details. Greg has also been a guest critic at the University of California, Woodbury University, and the University of Florida. In addition, he splits duties between being a father, triathlete, and watching his wife grace the silver screen.