.The New Workplace.

In many new and emerging companies, employees are working in an increasingly social, mobile, and collaborative fashion. The conventional office and workstation programs and spaces that most of us are familiar with were never intended to support the complexity and unpredictability of these new work patterns and in sticking with them – we may be finding that we’re losing efficiency as well as the creation of ideas and enjoyment of environment. ...[Read More]

.Pay as you go HVAC.

It’s very simple. With ducted or ductless mini-split systems, you only pay for and use as much or as little heating and cooling as you need at any given time in any given room? How does it work? Technically, it has everything ...[Read More]


With the impending doom of climate change looming closer and closer, NGOs, nonprofits, and governments around the world are asking citizens to drive less, buy local, and "reduce, reuse, and recycle." However, there are...[Read More]

.Calling a workplace HOME.

Two major types of change have occurred which shape the modern workplace. What that workplace is like depends largely on decisions made by those who dictate the goals of the workplace. One component is a company’s ...[Read More]