six oaks


San Jose, California


Created deep within a wooded site, six oaks strives for a functional, monetary, material, and poetic ‘essentialism’ - so as to create nothing extraneous and make opportunity of every element -  both natural and manmade. With recycled shipping containers as a key component of the sustainable approach, the design and concept interweave mass and light, exposure and privacy, technological advancements and rustic craftsmanship, into a modern and simple home that speaks to the raw nature of the site and its history as an old railroad travel way.


The stacking and arrangement of the spaces allows for the maximum introduction of daylight and views into the interior spaces, provide free airflow movement across the floor during warmer days, and pull warmed air to the boundary from the central fireplace on the coolest of days.

Filtered sunlight penetrates the sky level containers , as daylight through the trees, to the earth level spaces below. The mirroring of forest and home allows every aspect to double as livable and intertwined spaces filtered and crafted from the environment into intimate surroundings so as to become opportunities to learn, play, live, and dream within.