Possible revision to the design in order to introduce more color and variability could be to add an RGB color engine to the LED lighting (or select a permanent color). This would keep the overall modern approach and clean lines, while also adding the extra depth to a lit versus additive element.

ADT-16016-3dmodel(pulse)_to middle.jpg

The next iteration of the Pulse Secure Customer Experience Center transforms the initial positive thoughts and feedback, and incorporates the revisions that modify the space into a more fluid experience with slightly reworked functional placements. In addition, the revised design elements and approach focus the experience on moving through the lobby into a secure environment focused on new technologies and seamless integration.


Plan changes to the Customer Experience Center start with a more fluid approach to the wall and ceiling transitions, as well as how customers and employees will circulate throughout the space.

  • Patterned film has been added to the employee entry and front lobby glazing to add screening and branding/interest
  • Security has been added to the space via an optical turnstile
  • Storage and Phone/Conf have been swapped to relocate entry to storage and maximize space allocation as well as move the door out of the lobby
  • (4) 55" screens for welcoming are located across from the banquette and cabinetry area, with the existing columns now concealed within the walls
  • Coffee and customer use areas have been swapped out
  • (5) customer use cases screens (55") have been added across from the conference room
  • The center area now depicts the ability to have bartop height seating and various layouts for events and mingling
  • Switch glass (electronically controlled glazing) has been added at the conference room to open up the space and provide flexibility

Click on the images below for enlarged images, and click arrows to proceed to next rendering

modWeb_Pulse Secure_plan.jpg

To better illustrate the effect of the switch glass on the space, the following images attempt to depict a side by side comparison of similar images with the glazing turned on or off. The images are taken from the new lobby area, nearer the conference room entry, in front of the doors, and inside the room.

modWeb_Pulse Secure_recept1.jpg