Based on the existing zoning and after a conversation with the Dublin Planning Department, it was determined that with an FAR of .50, the floor area could potentially be increased to a maximum of 278,400 square feet. This total area would necessitate 928 parking stalls based on a aggregate 1/300 sf parking ratio, and likely be in excess of Zeiss short and long term goals.

With manufacturing, shipping, & receiving all scaling back to ~40% capacity and moving away from the site - the strategy for overall area and adequate parking was focused on increasing both office and R+D spaces, adding necessary amenities, and balancing site improvements to afford higher densities and altered requirements.

Using an allowable 30% maximum compact stall change to the existing standard stalls, as well as quick adaptations at a few of the existing loading areas, the total parking provided is increased from 668 stalls to 780 stalls, which also allows for the overall building area to be increased ~30,000 square feet and still maintain a 1/300 sf aggregate parking ratio.

In addition, any potential increase in workforce is afforded major public transport links with both BART and Bus routes within an approximately one mile radius of the site.