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  • Tenant walks spaces with Brokers
  • Tenant and Brokers identify ideal location and area and commence landlord communication
  • Tenant and Landlord discuss needs, wants, and what is present or can be provided at build-out
  • Tenant agrees space is ideal for use and initiates LOI and project initiation
  • Preliminary discussion between Tenant, Brokers, Landlord, & MODULUS to determine space adequacy for overall needs

[approximate time 1 - 4 weeks]

  • Tenant and MODULUS meet to discuss programmatic needs and goals
  • MODULUS walks Tenant’s existing space (or discuss existing if occupied space not local)
  • MODULUS collects data to understand Tenant budget goals
  • MODULUS collects data to understand Tenant timeline goals
  • MODULUS collects data for development of Tenant program

[approximate time 3 - 7 days]

  • MODULUS begins field measurements, investigation, scanning, etc. of existing space as necessary for future fit plans
  • MODULUS will embark on preliminary code research to ensure no major issues would inhibit possible occupancy or build-out
  • MODULUS creates preliminary program for tenant review
  • Tenant reviews program and distributes to internal facilities or construction manager for review
  • Tenant presents modified approved program to project team
  • MODULUS uses approved program to initiate Fit Plan creation

[approximate time 2 days -2 weeks]

  • MODULUS creates fit plan based on approved Tenant program
  • Tenant reviews and comments on fit plan
  • MODULUS modifies fit plan as needed and redistributes to project team
  • Fit plan may be revised once or multiple times to create framework for ideal scenario and build-out
  • Tenant approves final fit plan and final iteration integrated into lease documents

[approximate time 1 - 3 weeks]

  • MODULUS reviews scope and budget with Tenant and Landlord to begin schematic design
  • MODULUS begins conceptual design and integrates fit plan into overall look, feel, and function of space
  • MODULUS and Tenant discuss thoughts and opportunities to create a space reflective of company beliefs, direction, and identity
  • MODULUS creates more defined plans beginning to integrate improvement specifics and three dimensional information
  • MODULUS creates initial renderings and images to allow for collective visualization of key areas of the Tenant improvements
  • MODULUS distributes plans and renderings to project team, and revises portions or proposed changes based on Tenant feedback
  • Schematics may be revised once or multiple times to create ideal direction for future build-out
  • Tenant approves final schematics and plans+renderings used for following stages

[approximate time 2 - 5 weeks]

  • MODULUS and Construction Manager/Contractor discuss overall spatial, budget, aesthetic, and timing goals
  • MODULUS, Tenant, and Landlord discuss base specifications or build-out goals as it relates to budget items
  • MODULUS adds data and base specification information to schematic plan for Rough Order of Magnitude [ROM] pricing
  • Contractor reaches out to select vendors or recent database for ROM pricing
  • Contractor reviews ROM pricing and distributes information to project team
  • Tenant, Landlord, Contractor, and MODULUS review pricing and with Tenant approval, integrate into base scope

[approximate time 2 - 3 weeks]

  • MODULUS integrates revisions to scope or additional information into overall design and documentation
  • MODULUS develops more detailed information regarding architectural elements
  • MODULUS contacts planning or building departments as necessary to respond to any issues or codes that might effect build-out
  • MODULUS integrates more detailed information regarding schedules, materials, and finishes as part of the design
  • MODULUS assists the Tenant and Team in bringing Tenant vendors (furniture, security, cabling, etc.) into the project and integrating scope
  • MODULUS will communicate and coordinate any structural needs with project Structural Engineer
  • MODULUS and Design-Build subcontractors (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) begin to cross reference scope and details
  • MODULUS and Design-Build subcontractors (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) create progress set for Tenant review and approval

[approximate time 1 - 3 weeks]

  • MODULUS will create a construction document package detailing city and state code required information
  • MODULUS will coordinate Tenant vendor data into construction document package
  • MODULUS and coordinate Design-Build subcontractors (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) into documents
  • MODULUS will coordinate Structural Engineering information into construction document package
  • MODULUS will create construction related building information to allow Contractor to construct the approved design and elements

[approximate time 3 - 4 weeks]

  • MODULUS and Contractor will submit the approved construction document package to the city building department for review
  • MODULUS and Design-Build subcontractors (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) will respond to city plan check comments
  • MODULUS and Project Team will resubmit documents incorporating comments from City Plan Checker(s)

[approximate time 1 day - 8 weeks]

  • In conjunction with Plan Check submittal, MODULUS will assist Tenant and Landlord in distributing construction documents for pricing
  • MODULUS will communicate with Project Bidders and Team to answer pricing questions and provide clarity for bids
  • MODULUS will assist Contractor(s) with job walks and discussions to ensure proper scope coverage and finish
  • Contractor will communicate final bid information to Tenant and Project Team for review
  • Contractor will provide shop drawings and submittals to MODULUS for review and approval prior to material procurement
  • MODULUS will return approvals to contractor
  • MODULUS and Contractor will discuss value engineering information as necessary to hit target budget and scope goals

[approximate time 2 - 3 weeks]

  • MODULUS will communicate with City Plan Checker to assist Project Team in approval of documents for Building Permit
  • Contractor will pay required plan check and permit fees, and acquire permit from City Building Department
  • Contractor will mobilize construction team and begin construction
  • Contractor coordinates for Fire and Life Safety document production and submittal to city for permit (separate permit)

[approximate time 1 - 2 days]

  • Contractor produces overall project schedule and two week look ahead of construction activity
  • Meetings held with entire Project Team weekly or bi-weekly during construction period to review progress and questions
  • MODULUS will respond to questions or provide clarification during construction to ensure document build-out meets intent
  • Contractor completes space preparation and demolition/removal - keeping watchful of any items unforeseen or altered
  • Contractor begins structural related items and modifications
  • Contractor completes wall construction and MEP rough-in
  • Contractor assists with Tenant furniture, Cabling, and Security vendor needs
  • Contractor completes drywall, ceiling, and finishes
  • Contractor installs equipment, cabinetry, fixtures, and devices
  • Contractor arranges and completes various inspections and approvals from City Inspector (ongoing)

[approximate time 6 - 12 weeks]

  • Project Team will walk the entire space and denote any items not constructed or finished to document and specification requirements
  • Contractor will produce a list of comments reflective of those denoted during the Punch Walk
  • Contractor will acquire Final Building and Fire inspection approvals
  • Contractor will bring in the construction team to remedy any deficiencies and complete the construction to specifications
  • Contractor will provide close-out package to Tenant/Landlord, along with instructions regarding equipment operation(s)
  • Project Team will walk the entire space to ensure deficiencies have been fixed and space is ready for occupancy by Tenant

[approximate time 1 - 2 weeks]

  • Tenant will orchestrate employee/company move or move-in for occupancy of space
  • Project Team is available for questions, comments, or concerns as Tenant works through initial occupancy

[approximate time 1 - 2 weeks]