San Jose, California

Intricate shadows permeate the details of a tech prepped environment through strategic integration of custom fritted glass, laser cut screens, and strong geometric lines woven from entry to engagement to experience


Fritted glazing carries up the two story elevation with expanding hexagon sizes and infill density to create dynamic translucency ,shading, and shadows 


canopy screen, curtain wall screen, entry gateway, and frit pattern all emanate from the same core geometry and concept to create an integrated aesthetic and atmosphere 



Wood and steel landscape pods juxtaposed to a concrete screen wall


Crafted as an elegant escape and extension of the concept, the angled walls and floating canopies of the break area lay the groundwork for collaborative interaction

Three dimensional wall tiles line the break area walls with tone on tone depth and detail



A sculpted and slatted CNC cut wood screen, balanced by lines of recessed lighting, conceals the vertical circulation and anchors both lobby and space 

Each element creates and captures light and shadow, bringing intimacy to the warmly crafted spaces