.In Praise of Shadows.

If it weren't for the fact that you're reading this on some electronic device, I'd be inclined to ask you to leave it and walk away (though I'd prefer you read this first). It's not to say that these devices are bad, because they aren't - though how and what we allow them to become or do to our lives and appreciation of things can sometimes present a challenge ....[Read More]

.Is Plasma the next LED?.

Not many are aware, though there's a new light on the block for high output instances that might just make your jaw drop. Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) is a new technology being used in situations demanding high light output with...[Read More]

.Solar Ready Roofs.

With the new CalGreen standards released - State regulators with the California Energy Commission are expected to approve stringent energy efficiency requirements for new residential and commercial buildings....[Read More]

.Harvesting Daylight .

Design analysis often shows daylighting control to be one of the most promising energy conservation strategies for commercial buildings. Because energy codes are moving towards a mandate in the use of daylighting....[Read More]