In order to most effectively and efficiently focus the effort and investment - an approach of revitalizing the outdoor spaces by "doubling up" the improvements becomes strategically practical. The fitness areas, food areas, coffee areas, and conference center all help to stimulate activity in The Avenue and TownSquare,  which in turn feeds both their perceived and real importance.

  • The construction of kiosks and outdoor elements frees up usable leasing area
  • Outdoor kiosks require no mechanical systems or full envelope enclosures, costing less to build
  • Outdoor amenity footprints take up some of the currently 60,000 sf of static area turning it dynamic
  • TechGarden branding can start as byline, and convert to full identity if successful
  • Building entries feed off improved public spaces, and small modernizing changes to canopy and glass block upgrade facades
  • Supergraphics and neighborhood dynamic continue to corridors
  • Tenant entries and identity complete the concept and carry the campus feel from exterior to interior, creating a sense of ownership