.Talent without Engagement.

“The workplace” as we know it is changing rapidly, and is constantly changing—this is nothing new.  Gone are the days where all employees commute to a common workplace and work under one roof.  Employees are now situated in all four corners of the globe working in different time zones.  There are a number of reasons why this is happening, but the single biggest reason is the explosion of technology, notably highly scalable and cost-effective web technology. ...[Read More]

.Sustainability Unnoticed.

While many articles have been written on the emergence of green design and the countless discussions of green materials, green systems, and green principles, it is far less often that we take a step back and look ...[Read More]

.Silence still Golden.

As building systems continue to evolve, noise remains the same—acceptable or annoying. The former often goes unnoticed and the latter requires attention. Noise is the number one occupant complaint in many projects ...[Read More]

.Dynamic Glass.

The material is dramatic, sustainable, and bridges the interior of a building to its environment. Dynamic glass, which tints electronically in response to outside conditions, is proving itself superior to static glass ...[Read More]