David is the founder of MODULUS and Principal in charge of design and production. He has over two decades of experience in the design and construction of a wide range of project types since graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He has been a visiting juror at local architectural schools, taught design studio at West Valley College, and currently is working on a variety of projects ranging from residential to retail, and corporate to cabin. Not only has MODULUS garnered numerous architectural awards, but David has also won honors for graphics, web design, object design, and written articles. David is also currently engaged in formulating positive change throughout Silicon Valley and San Jose by being a member of the Downtown Design Committee (DDC) and SPUR. He is both a California and Georgia Licensed Architect, LEED and NCARB certified, and honored recipient of the Pillars of the Community Award, AIASCV President's Award, and Golden Web Award. 

inspirations -

  • sight: the dappling of shadow as daylight moves through the trees. it is a poetry without compare.
  • smell: fall on the east coast smells of nature unlike anything else. the scents of grass and leaves as the seasons change embody an understanding that change is good as life has cycles.
  • taste: coconut cream pie from Leoda's in Maui. Pleasure mixed with the spirit of Aloha, happiness of Ohana , and just the right amount of graham cracker crust
  • touch: intertwined fingers of my wife's hand
  • sound: 'raise your weapon'. both peaceful and energetic interwoven
  • superhero: tough call between iron man and moon knight. i' d give it to moon knight for the mysteriousness and iron man for the swagger.
  • tech: waiting for jetpacks to replace cars
  • non-tech: my  1890's graphite holder. Sometimes there's nothing like the feel of a 5B lead in simple antique vessel