Crafted from the integration of a technology driven workspace and a unique juxtaposition of buildings, the proposed TECHGARDEN creates a neighborhood of users that become more than just your typical corporate campus - they begin to create a neighborhood. With carefully developed interventions and work-balanced uses, the TECHGARDEN affords an atmosphere and environment instilling pride of place, integration of work/life balanced functions, and spaces that develop an opportunity for extended business relationships and intertwined growth.

The corporate park is a campus of the past.

Long live, the TECHGARDEN.


Located at the corner of Plumeria and Zanker, the previous Central Park Plaza is comprised of six two-story office buildings, and while hearkening to a Class 'A' environment, appears underutilized, dated, and in sore need of site upgrades in order to create a more vibrant and energetic environment.

Given the site's existing mature landscaping, circulation routes, outdoor space, and building frontage -- the team at MODULUS believes that a strong concept and strategic design moves will raise the impression and atmosphere of CPP to create a beacon for all multi-tenants looking for the best and boldest location around.

Definitely possibilities for a game changing improvement.


Being a part of the North San Jose corridor of corporate buildings, the property currently known as Central Park Plaza provides a unique opportunity for a multi-tenant development not currently present in this area, or any other nearby.  As the closest competition located down the road is 'Silicon Valley Center' priding itself as a "Business Efficient Environment" the team at MODULUS took an approach to propose an idea long in incubation regarding the notion of presence and identity for all occupants.

The greatest benefit to the tenant of a multi-tenant building is the on-site amenities, parking, service, and lease rates. The greatest drawback is being lost among a crowd of suites in a hum-drum hallway and seemingly endless corridor.

By enhancing and augmenting these traits, a multi-tenant NEIGHBORHOOD concept has been born. The corporate park as we all have been to, occupied, and know may just become a relic of the past...


With significant market-ready and re-positioning experience in the North San Jose corridor, as highlighted in the orange areas, MODULUS has an intimate understanding of the image and identity desired by both current and prospective tenants -  while also a smart sense of owner developed targets, economies of investment, and timeline strategies that lead to successful investments and long term relationships.


The existing circulation path can be developed into an arterial corridor, rich with a combination of both public and private spaces. Careful landscaping, placement of seating, trellis and open air elements - all tied to building entries and identities - draw the central node and amenities outward, creating a vibrant and unique environment where all spaces have a sense of place, importance, and energy.

avenue diagram.jpg

Making the most of the generous site - the TECHGARDEN conceptual approach proposes new "kiosk" uses within the main avenue. Space is used efficiently, offering up more room for communal seating and opportunities for interaction.

In addition, by generating multiple uses that all share a central zone with linked arteries, paths and a collection of public/private spaces - the avenue is more apt to be consistently filled with an energetic buzz. A vibrant neighborhood creates a strong community - one that feeds and grows off its own success.

site plan2.jpg

Rather than provide the typical coffee shop, sandwich place, or cafeteria-like environment, the presence of food needed to be distinct and integral to the communal experience of a shared meal. TECHGARDEN offers a unique opportunity by using an approach that springs off ideals behind crafted small restaurants, foodies, and the exploration of a growing palette culminated in the idea of a "Pop-Up Kitchen".  Through this approach, a location would be seasonally occupied by a chef or restaurant offering their own take on the exploration of food and drawing constant interest from tenants and piquing the curiosity of passers-by alike. In addition, a centrally located vegetable, fruit, and herb garden offers a "garden to table" approach not seen in the office park environment and a draw towards social interaction and excitement of environment.

Food trucks draw crowds for an hour. The TECHGARDEN "Pop-Up Kitchen [PUK]" has the ability to create it's own social following and lead to a bidding war for tenancy. Save me a seat.


Pop-up restaurants have been popular since the 2000's in Britain and Australia but they are overall not a new phenomenon. Gaining popularity in recent years in the United States, diners typically make use of social media, such as the blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter, to follow the movement of these restaurants and share experiences as well as make reservations or comment on flavors.

Like food trucks, Pop-Up restaurants are an effective way for young professionals to gain exposure of their skills in the field of hospitality as they seek investors and attention pursuant to opening a restaurant, an extension of an existing restaurant, or another culinary concept.

In addition, hailed as a useful platform for younger chefs, the Pop-Up allows them to utilize smaller kitchen facilities and "experiment without the risk of bankruptcy".  By integrating an almost kiosk-like approach with the opportunity for seasonal or scheduled intervals of rotating chefs and flavors, the Pop-Up brings vitality and interest to the TECHGARDEN not achievable through the typical anchor cafe or sandwich shop, while also freeing up valuable square footage from the buildings.


The idea behind the BeerGarden is to create an outdoor area in which drink and local food are served and enjoyed at shared communal style tables. Commonly paired with entertainment of music, song, and games - the BeerGarden implements an aspect more commonly found on the corporate campus versus the multi-tenant park. With an option to mix in smoothies, coffee, and finger foods - a well situated kiosk becomes a hub for activity and draws tenants towards their communal spaces that develop neighborhoods and foster both interaction and relationships.


...flowing from the central spaces and filtering through the avenues, a series of public and private spaces mixed with both open air and trellised elements create opportunity for community, interaction, branding, and pride of place...

techgarden avenue.jpg

Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for employee's well-being and unquestionably has noticeable payback to employers in both performance and retention.  Studies have shown that employee turnover is significantly lower among employees that take advantage of a wellness programs implemented by their employer, however gyms and fitness centers tend to go unused or remain empty making the average person reluctant to participate and engage in activity.

With employee retention and well-being a critical aspect to all company success, a new approach can invigorate a critically overlooked aspect vacant from most multi-tenant and even corporate campus environments.

fitness quote.jpg

By creating a FitnessGarden, the elements of a gym or fitness center that need to be covered or housed can be proposed as one or more kiosks or function-centric spaces like SoulCycle or spin rooms. Whereas the other activities, exercises, or group classes can be integrated into existing areas of the site primed for activity.

Encouraging the group dynamic leads to more involvement, more activity, more community and both the perceived and real benefits of physical exercise.  With a site rich in area and possibility, the well integrated FitnessGarden can be a significant benefit to both large and small tenants , as well as an obvious draw to future members wishing to be part of the TECHGARDEN community.



When it comes down to it, it's all about creating a great place to work that is better than any other. A place you want to come to, to create at, to mix among friends and coworkers and achieve something with the 8 or 10 or 12 hours a day spent there. It has to be an enjoyable environment, it has to be a worthwhile experience, and at the end of the day it has to be a profitable place - otherwise, why not go somewhere else?

By starting with an efficient and effective way to work, the encompassed garden provides uses that compliment instead of compete. We at MODULUS have striven to create a unique opportunity for a broad range of prospective tenants. Real payback to the bottom-line and tangible aspects that can drive and foster a businesses' growth.


Identity - so critical to a businesses' success these days.

No longer are entries defined just by an address, and with the right approach no longer are tenant suites reliant on small glass plaque next to wood veneer doors. Building identities and tenant identities get a full-makeover and are strategically accentuated as part of the TECHGARDEN development.

Giving a voice, working together, and getting to know and communicate with your neighbor for both business needs and a sense of community become a part of the entire work environment and landscape - not left to the happenings of the Twitter-sphere.

The neighborhood can now happen at a face to face level. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve to enhance the network, not replace the absence of one.


To form a true community, you first have to know your neighbor. Neighbors talk, engage, and interact with each other.

By facilitating the opportunity for interaction through architectural and place-making interventions, an environment is created poised to enrich the human experience and create an unparalleled work/life space.

At the heart of any energetic neighborhood is the people.


-A neighborhood workplace COMMUNITY-


In order to most effectively and efficiently focus the effort and investment - an approach of revitalizing the outdoor spaces by "doubling up" the improvements becomes strategically practical. The fitness areas, food areas, coffee areas, and conference center all help to stimulate activity in The Avenue and TownSquare,  which in turn feeds both their perceived and real importance.

  • The construction of kiosks and outdoor elements frees up usable leasing area
  • Outdoor kiosks require no mechanical systems or full envelope enclosures, costing less to build
  • Outdoor amenity footprints take up some of the currently 60,000 sf of static area turning it dynamic
  • TechGarden branding can start as byline, and convert to full identity if successful
  • Building entries feed off improved public spaces, and small modernizing changes to canopy and glass block upgrade facades
  • Supergraphics and neighborhood dynamic continue to corridors
  • Tenant entries and identity complete the concept and carry the campus feel from exterior to interior, creating a sense of ownership
site plan focus2.jpg

Tying exterior spaces and building facades together to create one environment


Weaving exterior spaces and interior improvements together for ownership, pride, and identity

  • Knowing the end user. Start with the right concept and focus - and scale the decisions as need be to match budget and timeline goals
  • Design from your wallet. Understand the significance of selections (ceiling, flooring, colors, lighting) for impactful spaces
  • Custom is crafted. Benefit from access to local craftsman and workshops, as well as great working relationships with contractors and subs
  • Ownership in results. Modulus & Consultant fee structure- and understanding we're part of the whole project success.