The next iteration and revision to the Central Park Plaza center courtyard integrates the following key points to create a spatially successful and cost effective solution to this unique opportunity:

  • A reduction of hardscape area and integration of landscape along all edges
  • Clean up geometry to find balance between organic and linear elements
  • Refined central path experience and mindfulness of circulation routes
  • Distinct zones with unique seating opportunities and collaborative/work environments



                         Upper Perch

Overlooking the rest of the plaza, this open space is perfectly situated to accommodate all-hands meetings, large functions, or individual groups in a relaxed seating environment – to function as an “open air living room”. A built-in concrete table offers a consistent focal point while the soft seating and various planters remain mobile and flexible. As a benefit of its distinct placement, the perch can easily be closed off for private use without needing to be enclosed or separated from the plaza.



                         Rolling Meadow

An open lawn softly slopes down to a pair of salvaged driftwood logs, creating a casual spot for an individual to enjoy the sun. Stadium steps merge into the landscape offering another way to enjoy the space.



                         Civic Plaza

This shaded spot overlooking the plaza creates a perfect lunch spot for multiple small groups or catered events. An adjacent bar top serving counter can work as an extension of the café or serving platform.



                         Nestled Social

Medium sized teams have the opportunity to nestle into the landscape while still being in the center of activity, enjoying a mix of sun and shade under the magnolia tree canopy. Integrated power and wi-fi provide outdoor work opportunities and collaboration.


                         Lower Canyon

Nestled along the canyon path, a large boulder with modern stools offers a warm spot in the sun for an individual or casual small group to step away from their desk and brainstorm new ideas.


                         Conference Center

Landscaping provides natural shading and the initial privacy barrier for the Conferencing Center outdoor area. A concrete low wall and perforated metal screen combine to achieve the necessary enclosure while still retaining a sense of openness. The outdoor area is subdivided by landscaping into two spaces that allows for the breakout of smaller groups or provide room for catering to set up out of the way. Furniture can be a mix of soft seating, high counter top, and large table.




In addition to a large outdoor seating area, a planned upgrade to specific exterior finish materials and overhead shade structure will tie the new courtyard back to the existing deli and create integrated success for both. The central circulation within the canyon can also double for bartop height seating, impromptu socialization, and varied setups for multiple tenant gatherings or events.