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cdk silicon valley


Automated, Personalized, Developmental, and Refined.

The design for the new CDK Global Silicon Valley office integrates all of the terms above and does so while pairing the beauty of exposed development & creation with the refinement of a well designed vehicle. Meant to function seamlessly and inspire those who work and visit the building, the quality of the spaces and careful details to the experience afford an environment situated to draw the best and brightest to a cutting edge DMS/CRM pioneer.

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Cleanly clad in Airstream or Airplane style metal panels - with a bit of age and wear - the lobby impresses with integrated lighting and a layout meant to adapt to the approach of reception, no reception, showroom, or casual engagement. Secure yet open, users are immediately drawn to the depth through the space and the engaging opportunity that lies beyond.


A custom check-in table does double duty with integrated touch screen panels that highlight available seats, show the locations of team members, provides for company wide messages, and identifies available rooms. A quick espresso from the coffee machine steps away also provides an opportunity to slow down and catch up with colleagues in the morning…..


Sliced steel tubes with portal style doors are welded in place adjacent to the entry and boardroom for a quick Pit Stop to drop off personal items or congregate for a casual conversation and collaboration. Plants are integrated into the high-top seating to warm the space and provide integrated greenery.


Raw materials paired with simple and clean geometric lines combines the idea of development and a finished product into a cohesive whole.


Glass faced conference rooms surrounded by blackened steel are customized with license plate inspired room identification, metal pegboard wall finish, and headlight crafted pendant lighting - all perched on a concrete ramp that tie the customer, client, and craft all into one unified space


Workstations of White Oak tops and Cast Iron legs carry the refined industrial aesthetic to each surface and reinforce the continuity of the mission, space, and experience


Bikes, scooters, skateboards and the needed repair elements (and even fire extinguishers) aren’t concealed within a room - but put on display as part of exposing the beauty of the elements.


Getting to the restrooms is made easier when stained tire marks into the acid etched concrete points you in the right direction.


Designed for relaxed work, break time, casual engagement, vehicle displays, and All-Hands presentations - the Refuel Area meets many needs and cleanly intertwines an industrial buildout feel with a relaxed and comfortable aesthetic. Drop down integrated projector screens in the break area integrate sit in line with roll-up doors leading to the outdoor amenity.


Stained and weathered concrete counters folded into two levels for both employees and baristas, sit atop vertically clad subway tiles walls making the space feel aged yet still a part of a modern company recreating the world of customer experience and communications solutions. Conduits line the space between the two levels providing power-a-plenty, when and wherever needed.

Chairs crafted from racing car seats give a unique appeal to an exciting and adaptive space.


Finally, a short video tour through the future space, guided per the path on the map above…..