The notion that the goal of the bank is to be a companion, a partner, a guide - a 'shepherd', through the journey's and ventures that its clients and customers travel through. That their business goals and their business risks are shared by the bank - and the bank is that trusted adviser in managing assumed risk, and knowing when the apprehension to take risk should be engaged. In this concept, we have used the notion of shepherd, and that shepherd's staff - to transform the journey and experience that customers and employees have. No two can be the same, each journey varies as each client varies. Differing sizes, location, and needs. Different purposes, and different aspirations. These give way to different reflections, finishes, touches, sights, and feelings. And at certain times, a need to reflect upon one's self and - with their partnered bank - look in the mirror. Together the journey is tied. Never finished, and constantly evolving. A beacon to a location, and a goal.

A guide and trusted partner through the life of a business and the lives of those that make up business.

A chance to be bold, and venture wisely.