Hailing from the rain forests of Oregon, Andy graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Montana State University with an emphasis on philosophy, and continued with a Master of Architecture also from Montana State University with an emphasis on digital fabrication. As a graduate teaching assistant he taught design studios, hand graphics, digital graphics, and took part in beta testing newly released parametric design software. An avid traveler, Andy has explored eighteen countries internationally and over half of the United States. With over six years design and fabrication experience, previous work has included woodworking, welding, landscaping, and an intimate knowledge of the latest CNC technology. Andy is also actively pushing the future look of Silicon Valley as a vocal member of both the Downtown Design Committee (DDC) and SPUR.

inspirations -

  • smell: early morning autumn camp fire when the air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and the fog is slow to recede
  • taste: anything fresh out of the oven when it’s a full house means no matter where you are, you’re home
  • sound: 'heavy rain on an impromptu shelter, with wind in the trees – bonus points for low thunder rumbling in the distance
  • tech: cybernetic and genetic enhancement
  • non-tech: my  library of concept art books