2811 orchard


San Jose, California


vertical patterning of stained accoya wood screen shadows the facade, and tied to a wood clad retaining wall that sits behind sloping board formed concrete, softly directs movement towards the translucent entry and creates a procession into a light filled and elegantly modern interior.


materials integrated into the facades reappear in landscape elements at each aspect of the site to tie both intimately together


simple in space and intimate in execution


warmly stained wood placed within a detailed steel structure and balanced by board formed cast in place concrete appendages...a timeless and serene outdoor setting that continues concept into each personal experience


custom designed waterjet cut screens create a perimeter fence that brings both privacy as well as energetic shadows to the intimate
outdoor spaces


each space is treated with delicately contrasted materials of wood, tile, metal, and glass:

bringing color and life to the light bathed areas

stair stepped hammered brass intricately tapers the main skylight, while unique moss emblazoned lights sit above the main stair path